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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

my mum had a very similar situation when she was growing up
her dad my grandpa was a severe alcoholic and when he was drunk he would beat the shit out of my mum her little sister and her mum (my grandma)
on my mums 18th birthday she moved out
just disapeared off the face of the earth for over a year
then one night
her mum called her
my mum was in a neighbooring city at the time only a few hrs away
aperantly it had been really bad that night
my mum tore off to there house (literally like she went like 220 in a 100 zone) got there found him sitting in a chair in the living room asleep 2 empty bottles of vodka beside him
she smashed one of them over the back of his head (he woke up) and she proceded to kick the shit out of him
once she knocked him onto the ground stunned she smashed the second bottle on the counter and jumped on him
she was going to slit his throat
her mum was balling and pulling on her saying hes not worth it! hes not worth it!!
over and over
my mum got up off of him told him to get the fuck out and if he ever laid a hand on her her mum or her little sister again shed kill'em

he never attacked any of them again

aprerantly when she was little it was really bad though
hed sneak into there room in the middle of the night and just go ape shit
it got to the point where even the slightest change in the air currents would wake my mum up shed grab her sis and theyd hide or escape out the window

now back then telling the cops would do nothing whatsoever
she would run literally in her PJ's bare foot in the middle of a canadian winter to the cops station to get them cause he was going to beat her mum to death
cops would show and theyd just be like well ya know ya really shouldnt be doin that
try not to next time k

its not like that anymore
they will step in if you show marks if you talk to your sister and get her to talk but even if they just see a few marks
its enough for them to be concerned about your and your sisters well being

I dont live anywhere near you
I wish I did
I really do
I'd do everything I could to protect you and your sister
but realitys never as kind as we'd like
the fact is i'm thousands of miles away
and the only people that stand a hope in stopping this
in making it better is the police
I know you dont want us to tell you to go to them
but if you want it to stop
if your tired of him hurting you and your sister
then you have to
nothing else will stop it

i'm so so sorry hun
I really am


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