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Unhappy i listened while he hurt her

i just stood there, listenign to her screaming, him yelling, the thumps, and bangs, i was stuck i was so scared i couldnt move, everything just hit me, everytime he had ever hurt me, all my pain, all the times i tryed protecting her, and his eyes, when his is angry all he has to do is look at me and i start shaking, im so pathetic, how could i let that happen, he made me listen, i felt so sick, i was crying, actually crying, the first time in i cant remember how long, i was crying, because he was hurting her and i was just standing there,

after i went to comfort her, he called me away, started on me, it was normal, i could take that, then he stopped, and told me how beautiful i was, kept staring at my boobs, saying i should be hot and to take my jumper off, made me hug him, he put his hands down my trousers and held my bum, made me give him a kiss, then just as quickly he changed back, was angry again, stormed off, i went back to my sister, tryed comforting her again, this time my mom comes and took me away, staterd yelling at me, blaming me for everything under the sun, pushing me, then she went back to my sister and hugged her,
they went out after that, i spoke with my sister for 2 and a half hours, i lvoe her so much i hate to see her hurt, but im gunna fix it,

just DONT start telling me to tell the cops, i cant you dont understadn, your not in my situation, the responsibitly, the danger of them finding out and more hurting, i couldnt, if i say something and my sister says it didnt happen or my mom and dad says it didnt happen, then the police are goin to look at me as a lier and my case against my cousin will be lost before its started, so please dont tell me to tell the police, thank you x

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