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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Gennadius led Ham and me upwards. We climbed several flights of stairs in silence, and luckily, we didn’t meet up with anyone yet. Gennadius pushed the door open for us and told us how we were going to get down.
“Ro, you already have wings, and Ham, you will shape shift to obtain them,” he told us, leading us to the edge.
“But what about you?” I asked.
“I’ll paint them. May I see yours?
I nodded and told myself that I wanted him see my wings.
“They’re beautiful,” he told me, his eyes widening like most people did when they saw my wings. He took out his paintbrush the started moving it through the air, his eyes misting over.
While he was working, the door we had just come out of burst open. It was as though Gennadius didn’t know he was there, he just kept painting the air. But Ham and I sure saw who it was. To my dismay, it was Rip. Yes, Rip, the one who had sold us out to Vollmer. I felt Ham tense beside me, and I was sure that now that he had his strength back, he’d use it.
“What do you want?” Ham spat at the traitor, venom in his words.
“I am here to help you,” Rip replied, showing no emotion, as usually. I had no clue how these people did it. If there was even one time where he didn’t show emotion, it would be major.
“Like Hell you are! Just like you helped us in there? You know what, Rip? We trusted you! I trusted you! You’re the reason we were in there for so long. You’re the reason we had to go through that!”
“Ham, listen to me. I am not your enemy here. Had I let you out, they would’ve killed me. If I-.” Ham didn’t let him finish.
“So you’re not only a traitor, you’re a coward, as well,” he said angrily. I could see him balling his hands into fists, his knuckles turning white. I inhaled as Rip made his could-be lethal way towards us.
“If you would just listen to me, I can tell you how I can help! You have to remain calm and-,” he started. Ham didn’t listen. Instead, he punched Rip in the stomach. Rip’s breath whooshed out of him and he flew back nearly 15 feet as though we were in a movie. My eyes widened, and at first I thought it was impossible, but then I remembered Ham’s strength.
“He’s not dead, is he?” I asked slowly as Gennadius finished up his wings.
“No, but he deserves to be,” Ham replied grimly.

We were getting into a busier part of the building now. Ceil halted us to a slow stalk. We hid in individual rooms when Ceil “saw” through the walls groups of people approaching. So far, we’d been very lucky not to get caught.
At that moment, Ceil and I hid under a table in a conference room while the younger kids hid in a closet. “How are we getting out?” I whispered.
“Down the stairs, into the basement, through some tunnels. Don’t worry, not sewer tunnels. Then we go to our secret checkpoint and meet the others.”
“Is that as easy as you’re makin’ it sound?” I retorted.
“Probably not. Just stay calm. The… researchers… and one henchman, by the looks of them, have passed.”
“Vamoose!” I whispered-yelled and Butch and Shyam leaped from the coat closet and flattened themselves against the wall. I pushed the obnoxious Mission Impossible theme song from my mind.
“It’s safe,” muttered Ceil, and we launched ourselves across the hall. We’d taken off our shoes earlier and hid them, but left on our socks, to try and keep it quiet as possible as we ran madly around this god-forsaken place. “Turn left, and open the second door on your right,” Ceil ordered. I veered around the corner and exploded through the aforementioned door.
It was stairs, finally. They looked like they went all the way down to the basement. It was bright, but the lights were flickering eerily. I gulped and scurried downward, leading the group. Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming up right towards us! I saw shadows looming under us.
“Shyam, front and center!” I said, a little bit loudly. Then again, the people approaching us probably already knew we were there.
The shadowy marchers appeared, and guess who they were? Yep, henchmen with guns. “Force-“ I barked, but Shyam created one before I could tell him to. From where we stood, it looked like a clear-purple bubble with sparks jumping around it, but I think the henchmen on the other side couldn’t see anything, just a little black kid holding out his arms. To their mistake, they fired, only to have their Kevlar suits penetrated with returning bullets. We plowed forward, stepping carefully over their bodies. Before we continued, I took three vests, putting one on myself and giving the other two to Shyam and Butch.

The tawny colored wings attached to Gennadius’ back and he flexed his shoulder as his eyes un-misted.
“Are you two ready?” he asked, opening his wings. I nodded, swallowing. I wasn’t afraid of flying. Far from it. It was what had just happened that made me a bit queasy. What if Ham had killed Rip? I got the distinct feeling that he was telling the truth. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was still bitter towards the guy. He had our trust, and he’d destroyed it. Peace.
“Yeah, let’s get out of here,” Ham spat bitterly.
“No, wait. I told somebody to meet us up here. If they don’t show up soon, we’ll leave,” Gennadius explained. I felt anxiety prickle across my scalp and Ham winced, but didn’t look sorry for what he had done. I pointed to Rip’s fallen figure, and Gennadius shook his head.
“Look, he wants to help. It wasn’t his fault that your hiding place was discovered. Rip would have rather died than do that. See, Vollmer’s two powers are truly sinister. His first, as you must surely know, is the power to inflict as much pain as he wants with a single touch. But the other is the ability to steal another Dumaniz’s power to use for a period of time, depending on how much he takes. At the time, he had just received the power of mind reading, and he used it. Rip was caught off guard,” he explained.
“Another Dumaniz? How many of us are there?” I asked. I had been under the impression that we were the only ones.
“A lot. We’re not sure, but there’s a lot. There are tons right here in the city that stay hidden. Here, it’s either join Vollmer or be hunted. As you know. But right now, we need to get out of here. They’ve probably already discovered that everyone’s missing, but we can’t keep Rip here. He’s not well liked by most of us here.”
“He’s a traitor,” Ham said, looking out over the city.
“He’s here to help us,” Gennadius replied, raising his voice a notch. I too a step back, watching this evolve and getting ready to step into this if it got out of hand.
“Oh, he can help us now that we’re out, but he did nothing to help us while we needed it. He’s a coward.”
“Ham, I know how must feel about this, but I can’t leave him here.”
“Yes we can.”
“Fine. We’ll leave him here to die, and you’ll be condemned as a murderer. When Saint Peter asks you why you left a man to die, you won’t have an explanation.” I blinked at how serious Gennadius was. I didn’t think they had religion in this place. Ham was silent for a moment, but I could see him clenching his jaw.
“I didn’t- I don’t want to kill him. I’m just-“ Ham started, unable to find the right words.
“You’re hurt. I know. And God knows. He will help you with this. You only need faith,” Gennadius said softly, placing his hand on Ham’s shoulder.
Before this touching moment could get too underway, a shout came from the stair well. The three of us looked at each other and then at Rip. Ham and Gennadius grabbed Rip’s arms and the three of us took off into the sky.

I was whizzing down the stairs barely stepping on them for support as we fled. Freedom was so close! I could see the bottom. The dark but oh so promising bottom. “Come on!” I said, picking up speed in front of everyone else. Did I mention that we were being chased? These guys had tasers. And we all knew that in dealing with Vollmer, capture would be way worse than death.
We careened downward and downward, sweating up gallons. The bottom was about eight feet below! I took a chance and swung over the edge. I fell and bruised up my side, but nothing serious. Ceil stood beside me, poised for action, while the younger kids hid near our exit.
“Just take them out with that trash can. Nothing too fancy or we will be captured,” he instructed. I flexed around my magnetism, dumping it over to spill out the garbage. I pulled it into my hands, where I held it close, palms sweating. The henchmen came downward more and more. I could see their shadows. They stood in veiled darkness, getting ready to zap us into submission when I chucked it, shooting it right at their craniums. It got three out of the five, but two were quick-witted enough to duck. I pulled back the trashcan toward me and got them in the back of their heads, their faces exploding with shock as they crumbled on the stairs.
“Go!!” I hollered. The door to the tunnel opened with one of those wheel knobs, like in submarines/the door to SpongeBob’s pineapple. I cranked it with magnetism, as it would be hard to do it by hand as it was clogged with rust.
Ceil, Shyam, and Butch piled through and I went in last to shut the door. I was glad that as I ran I didn’t hear that familiar splashing and feel the water soak through my pants, shoes, and socks. It was dark, with occasional strips of helium lights suspended from the low ceiling. I had to duck to not hit my head on our light sources.
“How… long… goes… on?” I panted to Ceil.
“Not… long,” he choked back. We were really, really out of it and needed to take a break. And a shower would be nice too. I mean, I probably had horrible B.O., but I didn’t check because I didn’t want to smother when I found out I was right.
“There!” Ceil said a couple minutes later. He swiped at a door in the wall with the same crank to open it. With all the mental strength I could muster, I cranked it open while lying against the wall and stumbled in ahead of everyone else to check it out.
It was… like a house. In underground rooms. Like, the ceilings were concrete, and the walls were too, but they were painted or had wallpaper! There were no carpets laid down on the floor, but, lo and behold, a welcome mat lay under our feet and assorted throw rugs lined this living room. The walls were painted blue and there were blue couches, cushions, and chairs, and even video games! Shyam and Butch sighed in delight, approaching the large sofas like zombies, plopping down on them in delight.
I looked in the other rooms. A kitchen, with tile, though ugly tile but tile nonetheless, and a fridge, stove, cupboards, cabinets drawers, oven, sink, and dishwasher. A big bathroom with a Jacuzzi-bath and a shower-bath. And, of course, a toilet and a sink. It had flowery wallpaper. And there were three bedrooms: one with a white paint on the floor and wall, one with a blue paint, and one with a pink paint. And there were also cots in those rooms. I figured the girls would take the pink painted room, the guys take the blue room, and the adults take the white room. Though I knew Ro would call me shallow for assuming, as a girl, she’d want the pink room when she got here.
If she ever gets here, my subconscious whined.
Shut up, you, I thought-scolded. I opened another door to find another bathroom. Same features of the other one. I really wanted a bath at this point, so I investigated the bedrooms to see if there were clothes already here for us. In the blue bedroom there were boys plain long-sleeved shirts and pants. Then the people who set this place up were gender biased, too, I thought. I grabbed a red shirt, brown trousers, long black socks, and went to the bathroom. On the way, I ran into Ceil. He was changing while checking out maps on his little device.
“Taking a bath,” I said. “What is this place?”
He looked up. “It was made as a safe haven long ago. This broken group of us are not the only ones hidden in this whole system of sewers, tunnels, and abandoned city above. Dumaniz on the run stop in here all the time. No one will find us here,” he added, answering my unasked question.
“Is everyone else doing fine?” I asked, noticing he was looking at locations of others, who I assumed to be Gennadius’ and Matthias’ groups.
“Yes. They are going to get here after us. Apparently, they hit bigger snags than we did, though I cannot sense that they have been harmed.” He pulled a t-shirt on, and as it slid over his abdomen, I noticed a scar. Like, a surgical one. I shrugged it off as I went back to my business.
I really liked this bathtub. It practically had seats you could sit in while you soaked. It was kind of like a hot tub. Up to three people could use it at the same time, if they’d wanted. And I also found it dispensed bubble bath solution. I decided to use some if someone barged in, as the doors did not have locks from the inside.
Warm bath water, check. Bubbles, check. Jacuzzi option, on. As I pulled off my clothes, I noticed, MAN, I really did smell! And I settled into the tub, relaxed for the first time in days.

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