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Originally Posted by Death View Post
What about the other paradoxes in timetravel? I mean if it existed, we could end up having people born without parents. As in you go back in time and kill yiour parents before you had them. It is both illogical and impossible. The closest thing to time travel that you're going to get is travelling around the world against or with the sun.
Another Paradox with time travel is. You have decided that you will visit yourself, exactly at this time and hour(assuming that you are in future). However, nobody visits you in this time. That means, you didn't not travel from future to the past.

As said by Death, if have you already killed your parent, you simply do not exist. But you are existing. That means, your future self did not time travel.

Yes, you can travel back one day in the past, if it's 01 am here(that means, the next day), you can travel west ward to, let's say, 11 pm - this means you have returned back to the last day. But, that's a simply an illusion of time, and not really an actual time shift where you visit yourself and etc.
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