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Originally Posted by Gamebreaker View Post
I just figured out sumthin! your cousin might have gonorheaa!!!!! and im not lying to get ya scared! You should go to your odctor, and make your cousin go too! Its a sexually transmitted disease, and whatever that banned guy says (she is totally lying) its not normal! Thats pus, dead white blood cells! YOU GOTTA GO SEE THA DOCTOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?? omg it is not pus you weirdo, if you dont no what your talking about, dont say anything!!!

Originally Posted by Weeping Willow View Post
Wtf would pus be doing coming out of her vagina?

ITS CALLED A YEAST INFECTION people! Seriously, all these other things people are saying make no sense at all.

And dont take this the wrong way, but it's ridiculous for guys to post advice for a girl's puberty problem when they have no idea what they are talking about...
and jess omg i think you are the only sane person here your he only one that makes any sence!!

Originally Posted by kurlyopapa View Post
Thanks it was a yeast infection
oh i was gunna suggest it was this! you all beat me, gd job on goin to the docs it ainso bad after you get used to it!! it will clear up soon, just uncomfortable, dont worry hun, and omg ignore the other idiots and that horrid rude insenscitve guy ths deleted, love you

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