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ok. first of all i should say i smoke weed. so my memory sucks. but i was a late bloomer. i remember starting puberty in the middle of the second year of middle schoool. so i was about 12? maybe 13 at most.first my voice started to crack. now im 16. i have pubes. armpit hair. recently got chest hair. leg hair. and my voice is deep. during puberty i dont think my penis has grown at all. maybe an inch if it has. im very worried about why it hasnt grown. ive had 2 girlfriends and ive had to tell them both i have HIV so thats why i dont do anything sexual with them. it sucks. is there anything i can do that doesnt involve doctors or parents or anything public to jump start my penis growth? or how long will i have to wait?
Well 4 1 it may be the weed b/c i know some 1 who had the same prob. its the weed so STOP SMOKING youre gonna die at a young age!