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Default Re: Making the Switch

Good choice of switch over, macs are awesome, i'm on my MacBook Pro right now. The best program to have windows on your mac aswell is something called 'BootCamp'. It's availiable for free from the Apple website When you do have it running it's bloody fast, i put it on my mac and then installed Steam and waited the three hours it take for it to update and when I ran CS:S I had all the video settings on high and my ping was only about 20. Well enjoy your mac, i've posted some pretty useful keyboard shortcuts below:

function + F9 = Tiles evey window that you have open so you can select whichi one you want to make active

function + F10 = Tiles every window which is running in the current program which you have open

F11 = Moves all windows to the top of the screen and shows you your desktop, press F11 again to reverse this

Apple Key + Q = Close the current program you have open, ends the entire process of it

Apple Key + W = Close the current winow of a program you have open but not the actual process

Apple Key + M = Minimizes the current window you have open

Well enjoy your mac!

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