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God damn it I really hate the bastards that beat the hell out of younger people, why can’t he just smash his head against the wall…. Anyway, you should really tell your mom, as I told Jordo, she loves you above anything and will protect you. I would also tell a counselor or the police, what they can do is hide a camera and record him while he’s beating you (I’m sorry if I’m suggesting this, you getting beat up again, it’s not fair at all), though policemen can be waiting outside your house, so that if he starts beating you they can come into your house and arrest him once for all, with enough evidence to make it as long as a life time. Also if you could take pictures of the things he does to you, that would really help on the case, and don’t be afraid of telling every single detail to the police cause when they have more evidence against him it’s better for you. I really wish you get through this without any other harm against you, and that the bastard goes to jail 4 ever. I really wish you luck with this, and be strong. Take care of yourself.
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