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do you need the loo then?
did you or or are you still waiting to go?
erm is there no where u could use the loo upstairs?!? i dont think its a good idea to go down stairs esp if you can here him cussing ect, go with your gut feelign eg your scared so dont go down, if ur really that despareate use a bottle if you can
if you need to go to the bathroom not for that then id wait till he leaves the room and dash down, or wait till he falls asleep, and b prepared to have to wait in the bathroom a while till he leaves the next room again so take sumin with you eg book! lol i no that sounds sooo stupid but ive had to do it before, got stuck somewhere for 2hours waiting for my dad to leave the next room so i could go back to my room!! just b slowish as well when ppl rush to much there easier to hear! hope your ok huni

please tell someone, this is bad, its not fair, and if you dont it will carry on, and you will wish you had told before it got worse, hope this is some help,
love xoxox

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