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Originally Posted by Tim
You could wear a plaster if youve got one the right size
I would need alot of band-aides..that would make it more noticeable then the scars being there.

Originally Posted by cosmos
what makes you think they will do if they see your scars?
What do you mean? What do I think they'll do? I'm not sure, thats kind of what I'm afraid of, I'm afraid they may just be like, "well, I'm sorry but we don't want somebody with scarred arms working for us". I mean, think about it, would you really want someone that has scars up and down their arm working for you? I don't know about you, but some customers might take that the wrong way and then that would reflect on the whole store. I don't think I would have a job any longer.

Originally Posted by dying lullaby
but yeah if you get the neosporin patches which are like 29.99 in CVS
Is that the 'scar solution' one? If so, thats the one I've been looking at getting.

Originally Posted by dying lullaby
oh and btw hi heather! i've missed you! lol
I've missed you aswell, very very much!

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