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Default Re: not so sure anymore

no, i spoke to one councellor but she was no help and i REALLY dont like her, she laughted at me when i first said it! so im not goin back, but other than that no one is really talking to me about it, or how i feel about it or what is goin to happen, ive just bn forgoten about and left in the dark with it all really, im not goin back to the councellor tho i really dont get on well with her, and all every one seems to want to talk about is feelings and, well i dont really have any towards it so i dont want to talk about that stuff, stupid feeling and emotions that i should and dont really have about something so pathetic and small, why bother, cryings not goin to make it undo theres just no point in crying or feeling sorry for my self, and i do feel anger, but only towards me, i let my self be the victim i let it happen, its my fault what will happen to my cousin and my family, no matter what anyone says i no its my fault and nothing will change that, this is why i cant ratt on my dad either, i dont think i could cope with the guilt of doing that as well.

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