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Default Fuck This!

Im tired of getting my ass kicked by my moms boyfriend! whenever shes away he will kick my ass since he has had a bad day at work.
I can take a few punches and all but then hell punch me in my face leaving huge bruises and me spiting up blood. i keep having to make more excuses explaining to my mom what happened and if i told her the truth he said he kill me, literally kill me. what should i do hes a complete physcho when no one is around and a gentlemen when everyone is. not to long ago while getting beat up i ran to my room took a baseball bat and smacked him over the head. he was bleeding and while he was down i kicked him and spit in his face. i told my mom we were playing baseball and the bat flew out of my hands. and im affraid when he gets better and recovers he will kick my ass when shes gone. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!
Also today i walked by and he tripped me and smashed a beer bottle over my head. IM SICK OF THIS AND IM ABOUT TO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM WITH MY BASEBALL BAT IF HE DOES IT AGAIN AND I WONT STOP

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