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hey hun, just wanted to cheack in with you, has he left for new york yt? and i no what you mean about him making you write that, my cousin made me tell my boyfriend things too, just so he could see his reaction, so has he left? will he come back? and lastly have you told? you have to hun, i no its scary bacasue im gointg threw the process o taking my cousin to court, not something i want to do but still, your cousin has to pay for what he has done to you, its not right and he should not get away with it

im sorry my earlier post came across so acusing please forgive me for that i should have piced up that something was wrong, i thought something was up with your post but i just put it down to me being a bit paranoid, please hun tell someone anyone just dont let him get away with this injustice he has done to you, my heart goes out to you as i am in the same postion all my love hun xoxoxox
yeah he left its ok about your first post. you sound like the only person here that is nice, and i thank you for that. I told my mom but my aunt (his mom) won't belive me so he won't ever come to my house again