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Default Deppression

Hi My names michael,
Lately ive been feeling very deppressed.
it all started when i was hanging out with my friends one day and i just started to feel really sad and panicky unmodivated etc, this went on for a few days so i told my parents they said it would probably pass in a couple days it didn't pass so we looked into some stuff to help it like homopathy remedies and st. johns wort, i was on the stuff for a month and a half with no sign of helping so we went to a phsycholigist(SP?) we talked about my life and stuff and the thing is there really isn't anything wrong in my life.. i have good friends good home life i volunteer 3 hours a week at our local food bank and i am very active in sports and stuff im good at school(i home school btw)
so he mentioned chemical imbalance and subscribed me an anti-deppressant,(effexor xr 37.5mg) ive been on that for a month now and its help alot with
making me able to function without constantly crying and stuff with minimum side effects,
but ive noticed lately that im really like confused i just kind of walk around like a dead person like im not really there and i can hardly even tell whats real and whats not real its really weird.
it scarres me, i dont know what to do..
im going to go see a counselor next week to try to find something that might be bothering me in my life something that could be triggering the depression
i also have pretty bad anxiety attacks a couple times a week and i got some medicine for that,
but i guess the only thing i can really do is wait for this to pass and just keep on with my life. its hard though
o and its been like 5 and a half months that ive felt like this.
im really fortunate though that i have good friends and family, ive read some of your posts and stuff and some of the stuff your going through doesn't even compare to what im going through.
but i just need to talk to someone about this.

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