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Default Re: not so sure anymore

most people dont say i hate what they did to me, not them.... most people say i hate them for what they did to me... n dissassociated means youve broken the link or you no longer think of one thing with out relating it to something that occured along with that.

think of a cat and a food bag, you rattle the bag the cat knows its getting fed. it has associated that sound with getting fed. now lets say you rattle the bag but dont feed the cat, for a while the cat will still come expecting food but soon it will dissassociate that sound with being fed and will no longer expect to be fed when it hears the sound.

in your case their names and faces or presence does not remind you of their acts.

and it is a big deal, more than you might think it is... because it might become a repeat occurance if nothing is done at an early stage to make them realize that their actions are wrong and unnaceptable.

as for not feeling anything bornagain is right that repression or a sence of feeling numb towards the situation is normal. and that it is natural reaction caused by your brain or psychie. however repressed feelings over a long period of time can cuase some severe repercussions or after-effects

if you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you shall also suffer defeat ~ Sun Tzu
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