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Default Re: not so sure anymore

its not v common? is it bad then?

and whats dissassociated mean?

i no that i dont think of my cousin and him raping me, i think of it just being something that happened that is not really abig deal at all, and ppl r just makin a fuss over nothing, and everyone wants to talk about these feeling im ment to have, but i dont have them and so i dont wanna talk,

bout my dad, yer i no he hurts me, but appart from when he actually is doin it, i dont think of him like that, i think of him as my grumpy dad, just like everyone elses

i think of my cousin, as just my cousin who loves sport, my mom as just a mom, who laughs and has fun, like everyone elses, unless it is happenening i am not thinking of them any of them as my abusers or w/e, they are just ppl in my life, is that not normal?

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