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Default Re: Im Sick And Tired Of This!!

Jordo, I’m really sorry to hear this. First of all, NO adult has any right to abuse of a minor in a verbal, fiscal and/or sexual way; this is seriously condemned (as far as I know) by every single country in the world.
What I would do (if I were you) is speak to my mother, tell her everything that he has done to me and that this has got to stop, that I’m her son and she’s got to protect me over anything. I would tell her that he might end up killing me or causing serious damage on me. Then see the legal thing you can do to get him away from me. If not, I would talk to my dad so that he would have my custody, or tell him to claim it, due the situation.
I would go to the police station if not, first of all your dad won’t go to beat the hell out of the asshole which could end up on him going to jail or with legal impediment to get near your house. By going to the police station, he (the asshole) will end up in prison where he belongs and over there, he won’t be able to touch you again.
You are not a coward if you do this, you don’t have to keep letting this happen. Please I urge you to do something about this.
PM me if you need to talk.
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