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Default Re: Im Sick And Tired Of This!!

tecnically if he does harm or you belive he immenantly will
then its self defence
and in Canada anyway
thered be no juvy

That being said
I don't think attacking him is the best idea
A) i'm betting hes bigger and stronger then you and obivously isnt overly concerned about your physical well being
B) even if you do manage to get him curled up into a lil ball on the floor crying for his mommy hes still going to make you pay for it later hes your dad and as such right now your depending on both him and your mum to take care of you roof, food, clothing, education, etc...

which is why instead of attacking him or worse doing noting and letting him beat you I STRONGLY suggest that you tell someone weither its your friends parents, a teacher, police officer, counselor, doctor, etc...
You need to get help
this has to stop
but you can't do it on your own
nor should you have to

With what you've told me how he very calmly and polietly asked to speak to you in private went way off into another section of the house then closed the door then attacked his child to make him feel like a big man means that hes a pussy
see he dosent want ANYONE to know
which is exactly why you need to start telling people
mkae it public
make them understand

I swear to god people like that just piss me off
my grandpa used to beat my mum her little sister and there mum
fuckin ass

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