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Exclamation Im Sick And Tired Of This!!

My step dad is constantly beating the shit out of me Hes knocked me out even
he has cut my head pretty bad ha slaps me so hard in the head I go dizzy and cant focus and I see colorfull dots he used to spank me and when he did it wasent just 3 slaps it was bare ass 15 hard slaps huge slaps that he would retract behind his head then SMACK and no mater how much I cried and pleaded he just wouldent stop also the verbal abuse is horible it really hurts even on thanks giving when my grandma was over I didint eat all my food because I was full and I was way to full to take even another bite and then he said hey jordan can I have a chat with you for a second so I said shure and i walked into his room and he closed the door and i saw the look in his eye hey pounded be right in the face and My nose started bleeding then my mom could hear it so she opend the door but then he closed it then she finaly got in and we started yelling then I just yelled so loud I coulden believe it I said " IF YOU EVER EVER EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN I WILL FUCKING GUT YOU YOU DUMB FUCK!!" then I ran out and slept at my friends house he still hits me and Im afraid Im going to do something dumb and end up in juvy WHAT SHOULD I DO TO MAKE HIM STOP
my dad says if he ever hits you tell me and ill kick his ass but I just dont want that im kind of imbarrasd I cry like a littl wuss my throte (sp) closes up and I cant talk when I cry and I cry when People Im close to abuse me

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Oh yes it is.
So by your thinking we should let evil sadistic fanatical Islamists run around killing anyone they see. You don't seem to get it that these people WANT TO KILL YOU and anyone else that doesn't believe in their evil religion. I am not even bothering to go on
lolwut? Someone's spoon fed from the media

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