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Default Re: Why do good girls like bad guys?

through all my years of observing good girls going after bad-boys... i would have to say its not so much that they are "bad" but different from all of the goody-goodies...i mean personaly i see my self as somewhat of a badass and good guy at the same time. im not afraid nor will i back down from teachers or cops or whoever... because i know ive done nothing wrong. sure i can manipulate a situation to work in my behalf but im gunna have to agree its partly that good girls are turned on by being able to learn from a person that they grow intrest in, i believe its also partly good girls want to do it/ try it and badboys just do it. but there are two other points i wanna toss in there... one, everything is not always as it seems... meaning good girls at school may not be good girls out of school... the second part which kinda stems off of the whole protection thing and being able to manipulate a situation and not backing down from authority figures is that bod-boys tend to have a bit more self confidence and a bit more well my friend calls it "dont-give-a-fuck-itous" (all one word) basically they are pretty care free and dont really care what others think of them... i would say though that this topic could have plenty of different arguements either way on it depending on the variables

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