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Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
Heres what I would do... go to her house, talk a little and when you guys are like talking sitting in a couch or something look at her, and ask her "what do you think about me??" then she might talk about you and stuff -- while shes talking you can just do it... say it "I love you"... OR, you can let her finish it up, and let her ask you... if she does, then tell her what you really think and feel about her. Ohh yeah, I love when I think about romantic things, and start fantasizing (sp?) and making semi-perfect plans I would consider myself pretty romantic when I'm with someone I like... if I'm with someone like a friend, then I'm way more opened and stuff...
BUT... if she's really your best friend, she most likely, knows that you like her tho...

EDIT: Thats what I would do... I like the way I do and think about relationships... I don't guarantee you'll get her...
hell yea. thats some romantic stuff. and if it doesnt work out... then you can atleast say you tried. or i was also thinkin. you can try to set up a romantic moment and lay a kiss on her. and you can say one of those little "i'm sorry" things to her (even though your not sorry). and if she liked it she'll kiss ya back.

once again, if that doesnt work then you can atleast say you tried.

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