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Default PLZ HELP! (i want him back so badly)

theres this boy,his names richie.i went out with him for liek 5 months and was absolutly in love with him,but on newyears he dumped me...just liek that i was absolutly devistaded.

he talks with these girls i know really well but arent exactly frends with...and i get really jealous n stuff....but icant get over the fact that i want him back.
i really do i LOVE him so much i cant even control it.
but he kinda hates me for some prior events.....

can someone help me get him to be my friend he'll talk to me and we can get close again???

plz im madly in love with a boy who has been torn from my life.

Im getting a tatoo about LOVE
to cover up a scar that
remindes me just how much
i used to HATE Myself.
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