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Thumbs up Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Originally Posted by grstl View Post
At 11 had a wet dream about sex with boys.
At 11-13 I craved peeking at my friends, skinnydipping with them and touching and trying blowjobs.
Then at boarding school there were all those penises in the dorm showers. BUT I had to totally avoid hiding my intense interest--it was a religious school.
So I dated girls to be "good".
Now I have a kid--a boy and I am really afraid he will find out how gay I am inside.
My girlfriend thinks I am bi but I have sex with her just because it meets her needs. We are working well to raise the boy.
Nobody else knows.
Sounds like you've had a pretty hard time with it. Does it get to you or is it something you've pushed to the back of your head?

I admire your strength, in being a good dad and keeping your girlfriend happy all the while struggling with this.

Do you think you'll ever be able to move on and pursue your interest in men?

All the best
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