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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Just reading all these comments, I can really define a moment, because even now I don't call myself gay or bi, but I know I have feelings for girls. My first kiss was with a girl and even then I still thought I was straight - actually cried myself to sleep because I thought Id done something horribly wrong.

Then when I was like 17, was watching Ellen Degeneres show and she was like "It's ok to be gay" and I always had a crush on her when she was younger and I think now, shes a lovely woman, and her wife Portia is beautiful and they are decent people and I realised theres nothing wrong with it - I think its then when you accept that its ok you gradually find out or "discover" your true sexuality as you aren't so scared to do what you want, even know im still in process, I probably won't bother coming out until im in a serious relationship either.

Hope this has been helpful. I know I sort of went off on one haha. Its a topic I feel quite strongly about and have suffered with for about 6 years.

All the best
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