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Default Re: What kind of voices do you hear?

atm i hear this woman more and more,
well all the time reli, shes driving me crazy,

she goes on and on and doesnt leave me alone, always saying that my bf doesnt love me and that he wants to leave me but i wont let him, i use him, ive trapped him, he deserves better, im a fuck up, what makes me think i should b allowed to stay alive? what gives a useless pile of shit like me the right to be alive, im pointless i have no purpose, im poisening everyone around me, it would just be better if i was gone

she just screams at me all the time, when i try and say something back she just get louder,

saying just do it, free everyone around you from your hateful poisen, just kill your self this would will b a far better place, no1 will care in the long run, they say they will but they just dont want to hurt your feelings their scared you will hurt them more, save them and jump, or cut deeper harder end it all end all this misery you are causing

iver tryed talking to her, i kept saying to her that my bf does love me, and he does care, he will stay, i kept saying he will, while she was screaming that he wont, laughting at me for being so nieve, i kept saying it over and over i acedently said it out loud and my bf asked what i ment, i said it didnt matter, he stayed tho and she got in a hump with me, spent the whole nite telling me how worthless i am, and useless.

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