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Default Re: gang stabs 15 y/o to death in racial hate

Originally Posted by Panic! View Post
I am going to apologize to all black people on this forum before I say this, though I doubt that anyone on this forum who's black falls under this category.

I think nowadays, white people aren't holding back African Americans, it's SOME black people who somehow have the impression that all white people hate them, so they go through life not trying to succeed because they somehow think that the white people will just kill their chances anyway, plus they also are prematurely racist to white people who aren't even racist themselves.

I might have just offended someone, so I'm sorry, but that's how it is in my mind. Plus, I swear, I am NOT racist myself.
Well, I am black, and im kinda offended by that. I agree and disagree with your statement. First of all, I agree because i think ur right: some black people have the idea that all white people are extremely racist, when in reality thats not the absolute truth. On the other hand though, there are many racist whites out there. I have experienced racism a lot (im not one of those black people who goes around looking for racist people so i can complain, i have lots of white friends) and I know that there are some satanic, evil people out there. I just think if all white people and all black people were more racially educated, then that would tone down racism by a lot.

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