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Default Re: What Do You Think Will Change Because Of The Midterm Result? (Debate)

o.k. heres the problem with that logic,
-with the current minimum wage, $600 isn't enough to live off of, especially if you have a family to support of any size.

this is because of a couple of things
-Competition in the market place means lower prices and or higher quality usually win (i say usually cuz there are other factors like name recognition and advertising, and general "cool" factor)
-this means that the most efficient production will be used to cut cost, meaning that the workers will get their pay cut as much as is possible

-Now there are ways to fight this, that is with unions and the like. While unions aren't a bad thing in them selves if they have too much power they can kill companies and hold the public hostage (like the NY transportation walkouts) and I think are generally bad for the economy as they drive up cost on the consumers, and make their members pay dues.
-So how do you make sure that people are getting paid fairly?? minimum wage based on the cost of living a decent life in the area that you live in (for this reason I think that the cost of minimum wage should be higher in cities and lower in the country, as the cost of living is far lower there.
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