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Default Re: What Do You Think Will Change Because Of The Midterm Result? (Debate)

Minimum wage hurts the people its supposed to help. It make business's raise prices which hurts everyone.

Here is a little something about it
"How can you be against the minimum wage? Do you not care about other people?" I cannot count the number of times I have heard that phrase when suggesting our country eliminate the minimum wage. The thing most people do not realize is that from an economic standpoint, the minimum wage hurts more than it helps.

The first thing that people need to remember when it comes to discussing the minimum wage is that having a job is a privilege and not a right.

As stated by Walter Block in "Defending the Undefendable," "A job is the manifestation of a trade between a worker and an employer. The worker trades his labor for the money of the employer, at some mutually agreeable rate of exchange. So when we speak of 'my job,' we are only talking figuratively."

Your employer determines your salary based on the value of what you produce. For example, if you produce $10 worth of T-shirts in an hour, it would be ridiculous for your employers to pay you $20 an hour.

Next, by having a minimum wage, and raising it, you are forcing the people who are making minimum wage out of jobs, and forcing smaller companies, which allow for competition that keep prices down, out of business.

If a company is paying one worker $5.15 an hour and another $35 an hour, and a minimum wage of $8 an hour is set, the company will either fire the employee making $5.15 an hour since it cannot afford to pay both workers, or the price of the company's products will dramatically increase to compensate for the new costs.

Additionally, with higher prices, the employee's minimum-wage salary will be worth less since items would become more expensive.

Now most supporters of the minimum wage say it needs to be a "living wage." They fail to define what living is. Does it mean having a nice apartment with cable television and brand name food and clothing? Or does it mean having a house, a new car, many televisions, video game systems, and the ability to eat at restaurants for every meal?

It is impossible to define living. For instance, we are able to donate 10 cents a day to help keep a child in a third world country alive, yet we are told people cannot live off of $5.15 an hour.

These low-paying jobs aren't really established to be careers, rather entry-level positions created so workers can acquire skills necessary for becoming productive members of a workforce, or as economist Walter Williams states, "It is important to note that most people acquire work skills by working at 'subnormal wages,' which amounts to the same thing as paying to learn."

Williams goes on to assert that children from low-income families will be hurt by a higher minimum wage, as the number of jobs (and therefore, training) available to them is decreased.

Although raising minimum wage makes you sound like you "care" about people, all it does is ruin our free market economy and hurt the people that are supposed to be helped. Hopefully, you will vote based on simple economic principles that cannot be refuted, and not give in to the emotional, yet completely wrong, argument to raise the minimum wage.

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