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Default Re: What Do You Think Will Change Because Of The Midterm Result? (Debate)

I would like to not consider my self republican or democrat, but I definitely lean republican.

there are a couple things that i think about the results, The republicans lost because of two main things
-The Iraq war is not popular
-The republican congress didn't really do much while they were in turn
Because of this I see a few things happening.
1. Some of the bills that I would like to see pass will pass, namely
--Minimum wage
2. either the bills I don't like wont pass and people will be happy, or they will pass and republicans will take back congress and the senate with a vengance, the bills are
--increased taxes and/or reduced tax cuts (increased taxes)
--cancellation of patriot act, well not necessarily that, but just national security measures in general

let me explain this a little.
-The main thing that the dems don't stand well with the general American people is security. I have seen all of the senior leaders asked questions like "what would you like to see happen with national security" and their responses generally don't give a good answer at all.
the point is that they don't have a plan that is agreed on, and if you try to piece it together it sounds terrible, something like.

-pull out of Iraq and or leave by a set date (unless ur Hillary)
-generally don't support ICBM missile interception programs (blowing up incoming nukes)
-Giving enemy combatants more constitutional rights than US citizens (we wouldn't be allowed to interrogate at all)
-Against unwarranted wire tapping
-Against profiling for specific likelys
-against general "call databases" or "internet search watching" or anything of that sense.

Now I'm not saying that I support/Don't support all of these specifically (cuz i don't) but the point is the American people as a whole think (polls) that the democrats are weak on security, and the people don't want more taxes either.

If the dems raise taxes or block security measures they will easily loose that ever they gave gained this time.
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