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Originally Posted by Latino_Teen View Post
All of u saying crazy cristians just STFU because cristians arent the only ones who impose their religion. wat about muslims and the politically incorrect cartoons? even my teacher told me how teachers used to put up menorahs and cristmas trees( whcih he says people are calling them holiday trees) and then somebody complained and now they cant put up shit. i know theres freedom of religion but we aint imposing religion on u. so wat now i cant show my religion? cause thats what people arwe doing when they complaing about christmas trees and stuff liek that. if u dont like saying under god dont make everyone not say it, u have the right not to say and im sure they just didnt mean the cristian god they could mean any religions God because idk if there were mamny atheists bak then. so if u atheist or anything else and u're making other ppl not be able to say under god or anything else liekt hat then u're been hypocrite. dont be all bitchy saying they violating your right and making a big deal out of everything, so jus let ppl say god and if u dont want to say under god just DONT! nobody will care, nobody really gives a shit if its offensive when it really isnt.
Ok how about we change it to under SATAN!!!

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