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Default Re: The art of getting girls, one at which I fail, and I'd like help.

i know this is an old post but w/e

this has worked for me all the girls i have gone out with love gifts they think its sweet so what i do on likr the 2nd. 3rd, or 4th dat i buy a bunch of little gifts and all during the date i give anouther one with out saying anything and they love it but i have one big gift i know they really want i give at the end of the date i usually only do this near holidays or their b-day and the hand kissing thing u dont have to get on ur knees or anything trust me im alot like you when it comes to stuff like that and i found a girl so you will to

English ....................... chinese

That\'s not right .............Sum ting wong

( no offence ment to chinese)
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