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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

Originally Posted by EASJR1991 View Post
Hopefully, it is just the power button. I recall months ago in this thread you stated that you have trouble with your laptop overheating. I have the same issue too, and my laptop has the same processor. I find that my laptop has better cooling when I set my battery's power plan at balanced rather than high performance with the screen set to 100% brightness. What is your power plan and brightness level?


Oh, and you have nice background.
I'm really hoping its the power button. My mom took it to a local computer shop (without my knowledge...) and they said they have these type laptops, with the power button on the hinge of the screen, coming in all the time, and he expects it to be the power button that is the problem. They just wouldn't open it up until I gave them $70... so I'm gonna wait til I get some more moo-la.

And I had the performance and brightness set up all the way.... which probably didn't help. I did have it set to the lowest level for everything when running on battery, however, I hardly ever use it on battery

And yeah... lightning looks cool

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