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Default Re: How Modest, is too Modest?

Originally Posted by kurlyopapa View Post
i have the same feelings wen my mom talks 2 me about the same stuff. She told me about a gynecologists she says its nothin but i don't know . i hate it when i have to get a physical b/c the doctor always looks down there and i just don't like him touching me.

the gynecologists arent that bad, just think of it this way, they see loads of girls down there everyday, they will not remeber yours, and if your unconfortable with a guy just ask for a female doctor or nurse, they wnt b affended they uderstand, its better to go threw feeling unconfortable for 10/15 mins that to get something worng with you and end up ill or infeertile!!!
hope that helps a lil cya hun xoxo

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