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I was given a PIII Dell Percision Workstation 420 last year in my computer class, for helping out with the computers on several saturdays. That computer had 512 meg of that RDRAM in it. I got another computer this year, (my main computer) which I traded another computer for, which used the same type of memory, and had 256 meg of RDRAM already in it. So, that took it to 768meg.

Hey, Kiros, what's so good about RDRAM? Maybe I should look it up. I never really did. I know it's a lot better then that old PC133 SDRAM I used to have, but beyond that, I have no idea.

Originally Posted by cosmos
an online store maybe?
Nah. Any times I looked online for that type of memory, it was really expensive. I wouldn't even think about trying to buy it.

The memory sticks look weird. The two sticks of 256 have silver metal around the outsides, and the two sticks of 128 have blue around them, and they get really hot.

- Bill
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