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hi patch!! ive hear of you! :p im glad to see your back, im just sorry to hear about why and your circomstanses (sp?) i agree that you should just take out the lip piercing, and laura i think it is, well i think she is being silly, to leave some one who so obviously cares alot about her!! i no that doent make it anybetter in the slightest, but i do truly think that you will find someone, that will care for you as much a you do for them, and if she doesnt, then i would try not to waste any thought on it, t will only bring you down and thats not good, about your mom just try stay on her good side is all i can reli say, sorry i no this isnt much help but my heart says to give you a hug aswell so lol sorry im so random/weird, cya round hun, i hope things get better for you! xoxo

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