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Default Re: Dont know what to do

they are right people change a lot in highschool... i dont have a single best friend or even close friend from middle school at all... i still talk to them but ive got no clue whats going on in their lives... i mean fuck ive only got one of my good friends from freshman year still... n she went to my middle school too but we were never really close friends back then... like right now ive got two best friends n like 1 close friend... everyone else is just a bud. its kinda fucked up though cuz one of my best friends is pushing me away too right now which isnt like her... n the other has got so much goin on in her life that i wouldnt even think about putting the burden of my problems on her shoulders... and my other close friend...well we talk but we dont really help eachothr much... if that makes sence.... i remember years past like 70% of my friends exsisted only online. they lived in different cities, states or even countries. we were all in the same emotional state n we all helped eachother out... so youve deffinitly got us here on VT and as always if you need or want somone to talk to im a very open and understanding guy... many people have said im not like most other guys cuz i actualy care n take time to help people instead of just thinking with my dick... so as i was saying if you ever need or want somone to talk to PM me n ill give you my screen names for aim msn yahoo or even skype

if you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you shall also suffer defeat ~ Sun Tzu
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