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Default Re: affirmative action

And republicans don't do this either? If you do not remember President Bush promised money to "faith based" groups in his 2000 election campaign that was mainly used to get Evangelical support and votes. it's not just the democrats that target specifc groups. Most politicians do even if it means using them just for votes.
Good point. This is another example. While its not A.A its the same principle.
Ethical favoritism

It's actually more than one group. And it actually does the opposite. It gives them the oppurtunity to advance. Welfare would be an example of keeping people "in their place."
No it makes you have to hire someone that may be less qualified, just because you have some quota.
Its just extremely unfair. I thought we were trying to create racial equality not destroy it.

How is it racism? The goal of affirmative action is for the minorities and females to have a fair chance, if the qualifications are comparable. If minorities are taking all the white male jobs then how come minorities are still more than twice as likely to be unemployed as whites to be unemployed?
Its racism because its letting certain groups get extra benefits. Racial favoritism in the name of "fairness".
Perhaps they are twice as likely to be unemployed because they have less education as statistics show.

Businesses in the past and to some extent today have had a tendency to hire whilte males even if a female or minority was qualified. Also, look where affirmative action has gotten us? We're definitely better off but we still have ways to go.
Yes in the 60's A.A was needed but not now. IDK about you but I see many many more people racist against white people than white people are against others. Just look at the inner city's for christ sakes, or all these black guys killing white people over misconceptions about "slavery" or simply because they are white.
Perhaps they hire white males more because they statistically have the most education. I will find some graphs. I seriously doubt your claim that a business would hire a white male over a COMPLETLY equally qualified minority.

There's no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism and it occurs by all races. There's no one way racism occurs.
What you say is correct in a way. When I say the word racism what comes to your mind? Most likely some white guy. Most people only think that white people can be racist. Kinda like at my school black kids are constantly calling each other nigger and call white people nigger. And thats perfectly acceptable. Yet when a white person even mumbles that its hate speech and all the black kids get riled up and pissed off even though they were calling each other it 2 seconds ago.

Affirmative action isn't perfect but it's brought more equal oppurtunity. Unless you are a minority you cannot understand thoroughly. Just because you dont see a problem from your limited perspective doesnt mean its out there.
Like I said maybe in the 60's but not now.
I am sure racism is out there, and thats very bad, but I don't think its in any significant numbers, definitely not enough to back up jesse jacksons the white man keep us down shit.

Also there's nothing wrong with a group helping it's own. For awhile they could only help themselves and they shouldnt be condemmed for it now just because you're not receiving the benefit and aid.
Read my other posts.

A.A. isnt perfect like I said, but imo the slight imperfections of it aren't enough to completely get rid of it.[/
Its the principle of the thing. Racial favoritism. Its very wrong.QUOTE] How come if racism is so widespread and the white man always keeping brothas down, how come you never see of any cases of black people or other minority's getting turned down from a job? Because it never really happens.
Yet I can think of numerous times where white people get turned down.

A 65 year old highly qualified airline pilot wanted to get a job at a company flying commercial airliners. Well it just so happens that he was way more qualified than any others. BUT the minority manger or whatever the fuck they are called said no you have to hire a minority.
The minority manager even fucking said she "WOULD NEVER HIRE A WHITE MAN" currently the man is suing them. Now if this was a black person not being able to get the job o man their would be riots in the streets.

Or how about the college student that wanted to go to writing school.
She got in. Well she got a phone call a few weeks later, hey what race are you! She responded Caucasian, "o well sorry you can't come"
I don't know if this was a "special" minority school or whatever this is unacceptable. They are suing the college.

OR how about my mom. She works in a bakery. They recently hired an unqualified black lady, because of that A.A stuff.

Well she is a HORRIBLE employee. Doesn't work well, wear long nails which is against the rules, and the worst thing of all. Fucking sneers at the customers waiting for help. The manger wants to fire her. She can't though because of the minority treatment crap.

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