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Default affirmative action

Well recently Michigan voted to remove affirmative action. Perhaps other states will follow in its wake.
What do you think about affirmative action?

Here is what I think

The elimination of racially based legislated favoritism sounds good to me
I think the only reason certain groups namely democrats support such obvious favoritisms because that is how they win votes. They promise favors. They promise bonuses for specific groups. They especially pander to minorities. But what they don't see is that this legislation puts one group as favorite under law, and works more to keep minorities "in there place" than it does to help them.

Here is what a black libertarian has to say about affirmative action, this is from a forum.

"It seems that the Republicrats will do anything to curry favor with anyone to get their vote. I'm glad that it passed. I am tired of being treated like I am so stupid and helpless that I cannot do anything myself. But that is what they want. They want you to be dependent on them, to feel like the only way you can survive is through them. That is what they do to all people, black, white, brown, yellow, red. They will give you a little bit in exchange for your freedom. I wont take the trade"

Most minority's also dislike affirmative action, its basically saying you can't compete in the market on your own so you need the government to help you because you are a minority.
There are some people that just vote democrat namely African Americans (88% voted for Kerry) to get their little legislative favoritism and extra "financial aid".
But I think there are more people that are just sick of being treated like that.

I also think affirmative action is the exact thing it trys to prevent. Racism.

Now before you run out calling me a racist, I agree this would have been a good idea in the 60's but it is no longer needed, America as a nation has gotten past its issues.
I think what plagues us more today is reverse racism, but that is for another topic

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