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Smile Re: hair in weird places, help

Originally Posted by kivaa View Post
you used "black sheep" wrong...that means youre the one trouble maker in a group of generally straight-edgers
Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
all i know is that 33% of all guys have hair on their chest well lots of hair there.. the other 33% has little hair there and the rest of the 33% has no hair there.. it's all genetics and it's all normal.. just here's my question.. why do you shave your hair there?
okay, thank you for replaying & informing me but, two statements
1. black sheep can be used as out of the normal, odd, weird, ECT. Use your own context
2. I shave it beacuse compared to my chest hair the hair on the other place is a lot darker, and grows much faster, ECT.

-thanks for the help
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