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Dear PinkLink~

Listen, you are a REALLY good weight for your height... Before you think u wanna lose any more, think of whom you're comparing yourself to, and honestly, where do you want to go? My mother always told me "the guys wanna have something to grasp " but I never believed her, cause when I saw the super popular people in school, most of them were pretty darn skinny... I used to be anorexic, but then one day I looked in the mirror and saw my ribs sticking out like the bars of an xylophone. Size XS was baggy on me.. and I thought, where am I going with this? being this skinny SCARES people, it doesn't attract them! I remember my friends saw my stomach and ribs while I was changing once.. you know what they said? "EWWWW!" . Yeah, that hit hard. Yes, it's great to have a prim and prime body to be proud of, but you should set yourself a limit.
I'm glad to hear you're exercising, cause that's something not alot of people do. Like mentioned before, the main thing I can say is just eat healthy, balanced meals, work out (but DON'T overdo it!!) and be happy with yourself I know SO many people that would be incredibly jealous of you right now, but if you lose any more you'll risk losing your figure and just turn into skin and bones No body wants that!
How many times have we heard the quote "It's personality that counts" but not believed it? Well, I think it's time for a change... cause it's pretty darn true... being a size XXS didn't make me any more popular or liked that when I was a size Medium 2 years ago.
Watch out for yourself, and stay healthy! Best of luck, you're beautiful just the way you are and NEVER doubt it
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