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6 days, thats how long i resisteted, well 2 days, well 1, 4 days i didnt want to hurt myself anymore than i was, obv reasons, but last 2 days i couldnt help it, i tryed reli reli hard, but i gave in, bout to half an hr ago, i dont feel sad tho, i feel happyish for the 1st time in a while, omg im sick of everytelling me to smile, dont you get it i dont want to, what is there to smile about rite now? anyway, went a tad too deep but thats what happens when u stop and start, i tryed to distract my self but i guess doin art where i had to cut sme card with a craft knife wasnt the best idea, oh well whats done is done, god i miss this relief it give you, this is so nice, to be worry free for a lil bit, just having time to breath and nothing else, its nice, shame about how i achieved it i no, but hey, i cant b perfect, and im gunna stop trying, im only gunna me, im not sue who that is but ill look, this is the clear level headed harrie talking rite now, so anything i say will just b the relif talking, dnt worry ill go back to my self hate state soon enough cya xx
Remeber that god loves you and will always be there 4 u it took me a long time 2 figure that out b/c i hav a hard home life. just try to hang with ur friends more often just to get it off ur mind
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