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Originally Posted by clorathehobbit View Post
I get wet just by rubbing my nipples.. and you may have seen an earlier post where I didnt know where my vagina was, I still dont! So when I got wet last night I poked around to see where it was coming from and I dont think its coming from my vagina :O ok right theres your labia right? then in between those theres a tubey part where your vagina should be right? Well under that thing is where the wet was coming from... and where my vagina supposedly is was dry :L
You have too holes, the inferior hole (the bottom one) is the vagina, and the top one is the urethra (pee hole). You seem to be talking as you have found the urethra but can't find the vagina, which is odd because the urethra is smaller, and so it could be possible that your hymen is still in tact and that your hymen is an irregular type that fully covers the vagina. Even so you should be able to find it lol...

This picture shows the vaginal opening with hymen remnants. In case you didn't know, the hymen will break once you penetrate your vagina (if it is covering the vagina 100%), you can also see the urethra which is probably the hole you found

The "wetness" of your vulva doesnt come from the vagina, it comes from the bartholin/skene glands, shown in this picture

I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough...

Originally Posted by solosarah View Post
I want to post masturbation , experiences/ stories, is that allowed ?
Doubt it

Originally Posted by LadyRhiannon View Post
Hello, I am 14. I started masterbating when I was in sixth grade (although then it was mostly just exploration feeling). I have only been able to achieve orgasm once, and only "cummed" twice. One of the times cumming and the only time orgasming were with my mom's vibrator and while having phone sex. Does anyone have any ideas as to how else I can achieve orgasm without the vibrator or the phone sex? Yes, I did wash the vibrator before and after use. I really enjoyed the orgasm (duh), but I know of no way to get ahold of another vibrator. I have tried some household objects, like an electric nail file thing that shakes, electric toothbrush, etc but none work. I know that part of my problem when using vaginal insertion, like with a brush I have (handle, not bristles), that my arms grow tired really fast and I can not continue for very long.

How can you only have had 1 orgasm but "cummed" twice? Cumming is orgasming...?

and as for your problem, do clitoral stimulation (its shorter movements so should prolong tiredness) just as a vibrator would do.
or get someone else to do it for you.

Originally Posted by girl555 View Post
the best way for sure is g-spot stimulation. to find it search around the top front wall of ur vagina approx. 2 inches up. u'll know u've found it cause it has a different texture to the surrounding area and there should be an instant sensation when u touch it. just rub that spot for a while and u should achieve orgasm. if u cant find ur g-spot then clit stimulation is second best. i also like anal penetration but lube is needed and not all girls like that. but i do
It's not the best way for all girls, some prefer clitoral. and its 2 inches in*
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