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Default Re: How Modest, is too Modest?

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Am I too modest? I dont like talking about anything sexual, with like...anyone. When my mom tells me stuff about like her bras or whatever (she's always telling me they hurt because she wears DD!) and Im like, "Mom, please stop" and she says "You act like we arent the same gender!". Is it bad that I cant stand to talk about any of that with anyone? I hated having the sex talk with my mom, I always felt like I was too young, I had it in 5th grade and they had a class on it at school.

I dont like my mom talking about underwear and junk in front of my dad or anyone else, and I hate having to tell my dad Im on my period but he knows when I am and asks me if I am. I just hate having to deal with all that.

If I ever had like a sexual problem, Im not sure I could tell anyone, Id be too modest or scared. I dont think I could even tell a doctor, and Im absolutely scared to death of the day I have to see a gynocologist. I cant even imagine what they have to do, Ill be really uncomfortable. What do I do about all of this?!
i have the same feelings wen my mom talks 2 me about the same stuff. She told me about a gynecologists she says its nothin but i don't know . i hate it when i have to get a physical b/c the doctor always looks down there and i just don't like him touching me.