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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

That's okay guys. Your comments aren't needed. *weeps*


As Matthias’ and Gennadius’ groups peeled off down the hallway and down several corridors, Ceil directed Shyam, Butch, and I down the other way of the hall, and began leading us down a maze of corridors. I jogged beside Ceil, beginning to pant. “How do you know that we’re not going to run into henchmen, or Vollmer himself?” I huffed and puffed.
“Hopefully we shall meet neither, but we are all un-chipped and have more at our disposal than those we are escaping. Besides the firearms,” he added unhelpfully at the end. I snorted, becoming more breathless.
“Should I feel okay or freaked out?” I muttered.
“Freaked out!” Butch said frantically. I glanced back, and he was in the clutches of a bearded henchman.
“His katana!” I spat. Butch’s eyes narrowed, furrowing his brow as the henchman dragged his thrashing ten year-old body. The sleek, Japanese sword slipped out of its sheath, its handle sliding nicely into my cupped hand. I hollered some sort of hoarse battle cry and slashed the henchman’s side. It wasn’t enough to kill him, but he automatically released Butch in order to clutch at his gash with both hands.
Butch, pale as milk, darted behind Shyam. Ceil put a hand on his shoulder. The henchman was trying to gain his strength, and composure, on the ground. I raised the sword for the coup de grace when a drop of blood fell on my shoulder from the sword. I hesitated briefly, glancing at the red, glistening blade. Weapons are evil, I began to believe from that point. But still the dude had weapons of his own to kill us so he had to be dealt with. I did a jump-kick, planting it right under his chin. His head snapped to the side and he fell limp. I didn’t know, nor did I want to know, if he was dead. But I was still scaring myself.
After a few seconds, I breathed, “Let’s go.”

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