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Originally Posted by Hastro View Post
I just think that humans are far too complex to of been created by some heating and cooling of a rock. My belief in some other "being" out there is just my own excuse that we didnt just end up here.
Complexity, design, and order are just illusions that your mind is programmed to see. There's a famous picture of a hill on Mars that looks like a human face with some lighting and shadows, but upon closer, clearer inspection, is just a hill like any other. Humans are complex, yes, but we're no more or less complex than the majority of life forms on Earth, and we are definitely not complex to the point that we cannot understand how our mind and bodies work.

Also, as I said right on the last damned page, Evolution has nothing to do with the origin of life, it explains the diversity of it and how it changes over time. The origin of life is called Abiogenesis, the rise of organic, living matter from non-living elements and substances. We know a lot less about Abiogenesis than Evolution at this time but a few plausible hypotheses exist and it is always being studied.
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