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Ok well I really like this girl in my government class. I started talking to her when she was in my group thing in government. She and I are both pretty shy.
I finally got the courage to ask for her myspace lol (shut up! lol) she gave it to me. So that night I talked to her for awhile on myspace.
I am pretty sure she likes me back, I can kinda tell the way she looks at me and smiles when I talk to her.
I would like to just plain ask her out but I don't want to blow it all right then without her knowing me enough. Now I haven't asked her if she has a boyfriend I don't think so, her myspace page says single though.
I am not sure where to go from here. I would talk to her more but we only have government together every other day. I would talk to her in the hall but I am kinda shy (damnit). I also don't want to seem weird, even though I know her I don't know her very well.
Well I am not sure where to go from here I was going to ask her if she is doing something this weekend, but I am afraid that would be too much as I don't know where she lives or her number.
All I can say is she is VERY hot and a great personality. I haven't really felt this way about another girl (well maybe one but she moved away) .
I would be really hurt if I got rejected, thats why I am hesitant to risk fucking this up and going for it.
Well what do you guys think I should do from here?
Any advice would be nice but this is mostly to get this out there.
Thanks to anyone that took the time to read this

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