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Originally Posted by Electric Nomad View Post
You are an atheist who believe that something like an Angel or a Demon controls our thoughts... interesting... and other than that, Big Fuck Theory... very interesting.

May I tell you that I am a huge skeptic[others], and I don't believe in invisible beings - be them God's, Angels, Ghosts, Imaginary friends and etc.

Hey, join our Church! The church of 'free your mind from bullshit', you will like it, believe me - I am not forcing my "believes" on you, but I want from you to just to check it out. Check this one also
I just think that humans are far too complex to of been created by some heating and cooling of a rock. My belief in some other "being" out there is just my own excuse that we didnt just end up here.

and as for being an atheist, Its just the easy way of saying that Im agaisnt religion and my beliefs are based on nothing to do with religion, more the fact about how "we" got here, and how/why we were created.
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