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Default Re: question for people posting here..

Originally Posted by megamikey59 View Post
well then i'm abnormal cause i disagree with everything you just said.. it's not easier
Its easyer in the way that you don't have anyone staring at you waiting for you to say something... it's not easy in ANY way, having to remember how it was... it really sucks having to remember everything that happened... but if you're really seeking help, you have to tell someone... sometimes we (teenagers) think that we can do everything by ourseves... well, we can't!
To me, and I think most people it comes out easyer typing... in the internet... you barely know everyone (for real), and they don't know you back!! Its easyer because you don't have to be ashamed or emarassed that you might see them again (for real)... in the internet, yes things can get a little too personal, but they will try to help you (most people)... some of us have lived exactly what you have, others haven't but if we are comprehensive enough, we will understand the the dude really needs help, and something's gotta be done... even if we can't do much, living in this world.
Maybe for you its not easy yet because you haven't been in this site enough, and you don't know much everyone, or maybe because its harder for you just having to remember everything that happened (if something ever happened), than to other people... we are all different, but we as teenagers have lived nearly the same experiences... not exactly the same, but we all must go thru a part of maturity, that will be hard... but there are always these wonderful forums that always help you, no matter what...

Thats my point of view

P.S.: No, you are not abnormal!

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