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Default Re: Tips to help stop

i already posted this in another thread but i feel that it is also fitting for this thread as well

cutting isnt exaclty an addiction. medically speaking this is what happens when you cut or self injure. your nervous system senses pain. your bodies natural reaction to pain is to release addrenoline and other chemicals. these chemicals are said to be infinitly better or rather more effective than say morphene or codien. once you are used to having these chemicals in your system you become essentialy chemicaly dependent just like an alcoholic. your body will end up craving these chemicals and because you have the habbit of cutting to release these chemicals your brain subconsciously links cutting to these feel good drugs. thus cutting itself is NOT an addiction, the chemical release caused by cutting is the addiction.

so how to work around this... there are many things that can release adrenoline or my personal favorite endorphines into your blood stream. one of the most pro-active one is physical activities. running, walking, biking, swimming, tennis, hacky-sack w/e you prefer. if you get the urge to cut replace the thought of cutting with the thought of doing an activity that you enjoy.

i used to cut i admit that. ive been self injury free for over a year now. at first when i was trying to quit cutting i had some issues and yes even relapses where i thought i was okay i thought everything was okay n the next thing i knew i was cutting... so im not going to lie to you and say its easy cuz its not. ne ways i started playing hacky-sack again n it helped me quite a bit. if i got really stressed out i would honestly go out side in my back yard and split wood... the good thing about that is it either calmed me down to the point where i didnt wanna cut again or i was too tired to even think about it any more. i also took up running for a while.

another way to help curve the urges is to meditate. sounds kinda hoaky i know but im not talkin about sitting down with your hands on your knees saying "owwwummmm" just where ever you are think about happy things, think about things that you really want as long as they are positive.

to continue on... if its really bad call a friend up, somone you trust n see if you two cant go for a walk to just walk n talk.

ps. another plus to physical activity is it gets your blood flowing and more oxygento your brain which allows you to think more clearly. pm me if you wanna talk some more about this

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