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Default Re: question for people posting here..

Originally Posted by mRojas2000 View Post
Internet... typing... yes its hard in the way that you have to remember to write it out.
But you don't know anyone here (for real I mean), you don't have to look at anyone's face, while they look at you like if you were a poorly kid that was abuse "OHH POOR KID" they might think...
Internet sometimes makes thing SOOOOO easy... specially with this kind of websites. There's always someone who is going to be there for you, to help you, or just listen to you... sometimes these people who were abused just need something or someone to let it out. I've heard of people who use diarys, and here obviously we have diarys (even tho I don't think people use it for abuse as general), and we have a forum. This is like a spacial place (as long with the whole Psychiatric Ward) to let people speak out what they feel, and normally they will just want to let it out... specially with the easyness of expressing by internet...

If I have something else to add, I'll write it up later
well then i'm abnormal cause i disagree with everything you just said.. it's not easier
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